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About Us

Meet the team behind PCGamesN. Let them know what you love, hate, and why they're definitely wrong about that review score.

Here at PCGamesN we write about all things PC gaming, including news, features, guides, reviews, and more. We cover everything that we think is interesting to PC players – big or small, old or new. With a large and dedicated editorial staff, we’re always looking to make the site and our coverage better for our audience.


The hivemind/hydra behind PCGamesN. If in doubt, just scroll wildly and pick a name at random.

Cameron Bald – Editor

RPG aficionado and Steam Deck obsessive. Cameron welcomes your feature and review pitches.
[email protected]


Lauren Bergin – News Editor

Fearless and full of energy, Lauren loves Diablo, WoW, and chasing stories. Send her news tips!
[email protected]


Ed Smith – Deputy News Editor

A hungry newshound with a love of Resident Evil, and most anything made by Rockstar or Bethesda.
[email protected]


Ken Allsop – Staff Writer (News)

Coolly serves the hottest news stories and has played, we think, every game ever made.
[email protected]


Pixel artwork of Will Nelson, a PCGamesN writer, who has dark blonde hair and brown eyes

Will Nelson – Staff Writer (News)

A delightful member of our news team and a lover of roguelikes and ancient history.
[email protected]


Cheri Faulkner – Guides Editor

Don’t say bad things about Destiny 2 around Cheri, but do pitch any guides to her, especially if they have SEO research behind them.  [email protected]


Christian Vaz – Deputy Guides Editor

London-based guides icon and fan of Hearthstone and Spelunky.
[email protected]


Gina Lees – Senior Writer (Guides)

Fudge, whiskey, and SEO. Gina cannot live without all three.
[email protected]


Danielle Rose – Staff Writer (Guides)

Don’t ask Danielle what her favorite PC games or genres are; she’ll never give the same answer.
[email protected]


Dave Irwin – Staff Writer (Guides)

Guides maven with a penchant for fighting games and Soulslikes.
[email protected]


Nat Smith – Staff Writer (Guides)

A lover of RPGs, roguelikes, horror – and of steering fellow gamers through it all in style and comfort.
[email protected]


Paul Kelly – Staff Writer (Guides)

A lover of Star Wars, FIFA, and big action games – and of guiding you through them all.
[email protected]


Ben Hardwidge – Hardware Section Editor

Hairy hardware hoarder and veteran PC gamer, Ben loves poking computers to find what makes them tick. Send him your hardware pitches.
[email protected]


Edward Chester – Hardware Section Deputy Editor

An avid tinkerer of gaming PCs since the 90s.
[email protected]


Samuel Willetts – Hardware Editor

Hard wearin’ hardware king with a love for the latest shiny silicon.
[email protected]


Niall Walsh – Hardware Editor

Niall loves writing about hardware – even if it means he has to change his setup twice a month.
[email protected]


Lauren Scott – Ecommerce Editor

Lauren looks after our buying content, but still longs to play The Sims: Makin’ Magic all day long.
[email protected]



Adam Randall – Ecommerce Writer

Gaming since 1997. Writing articles since 2013. Adam loves writing about every aspect of the gaming sphere.
[email protected]


Jess Bone – Group Editor

A dab hand at Escape From Tarkov, Jess is the go to person for all things PCGamesN.
[email protected]

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