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New Steam roguelike swaps cards for a claw machine, you can try it now

Dungeon Clawler is a roguelike deckbuilder with a twist, as you'll be relying on a slippery claw machine to get the best builds you can.

Dungeon Clawler Steam demo

Just when I thought there was nowhere for the roguelike deckbuilding genre to go, Dungeon Clawler adds an honest-to-goodness claw machine into the mix. Between modern classics like Slay the Spire and recent successes like Balatro, the often nebulous genre of roguelike deckbuilder has always offered up plenty of choices, and you can try this new take on it via a free Steam demo right now.

If you’ve finally pulled yourself away from Balatro, it’s absolutely worth giving the new Dungeon Clawler demo a shot on Steam. This roguelike game has such a delightful premise that I can’t help but love it: you’re a rabbit whose left paw has been stolen by an evil dungeon lord, leaving you with an arcade machine claw as a phantom limb.

Naturally, you use this to help get items and upgrades from a giant claw machine, as you fight your way through a dungeon in search of your stolen appendage. The deckbuilding comes from the claw machine, and there are even pachinko machines you can spend coins in to get extra powerful items, too.

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Dungeon Clawler does have a permanent upgrade system like all good roguelikes, as you can visit Grandma to get new clothing items that award unique perks for every dungeon dive that follows.

The Dungeon Clawler demo is available right now, with the full Steam Early Access release date slated for Q3 2024.

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