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Epic exclusive Stardew Valley like MMORPG finally hits Steam for free

Palia, a life sim MMORPG that blends Stardew Valley style farming with Palworld's exploration, has just launched on Steam for free.

Former Epic exclusive Stardew Valley like MMORPG comes to Steam for free: A purple man with pointed ears and a hat, from Palia.

Given the success of games like the Pokemon indebted Palworld and the renewed interest that farming sim Stardew Valley has generated with its latest updates, the combination of these games represented in Palia seems worthy of attention. With its mix of peaceful community building and RPG game style activities and quests, the game is likely to appeal to anyone looking for a relaxing venue to build a home and hang out online. Now, Palia is easier to get into than ever before thanks to its launch on Steam as a new free-to-play game.

The fantasy game has been available before in open beta on the Epic Games Store but Palia is now offering wider availability with its Steam launch. Starting today, players can create their own character and venture out into its colorful cartoon world through Valve’s PC platform.

Palia can be played alone or with others online, and features plenty of ways to create and expand upon a virtual home in its setting. Among the activities available, the game offers cooking and farming, fishing and hunting, as well as exploration that encourages collecting the resources needed to craft and install improvements to the player’s house. Its world is also filled with characters to meet, get to know, and start relationships with, platonic or otherwise, as an overarching story unfolds through a series of quests.

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You can check out Palia for free on Steam right here.

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