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DBD meets Prey in hit Steam horror game, and it’s now less than $10

Prop Hunt, Prey, and Dead by Daylight combine in Steam hit Midnight Ghost Hunt, which is currently available with a 66% off discount.

DBD meets Prey in Steam hit, currently on steep discount: A pirate ghost, from Midnight Ghost Hunt.

One of the best parts of Dishonored and Deathloop creator Arkane Studios’ 2017 sci-fi game Prey was its alien threats’ ability to disguise themselves as ordinary items in the game world. The routine of scanning a room, picking through debris for resources and information, would suddenly transform into a frantic fight against a creature that could hide in plain sight. This aspect of Prey eventually spawned its Typhon Hunt mode, which itself resembled Prop Hunt from Garry’s Mod, and has now, with the full launch of Midnight Ghost Hunt, been combined with the multiplayer asymmetric horror of Dead By Daylight into a hit Steam game that you can currently pick up for less than $10.

Midnight Ghost Hunt brings slapstick chaos and a healthy dose of paranoia to players with enough success that we called it “beautifully balanced prop hunt perfection” in our review of its recent 1.0 launch. Its sense of humor, the wide range of maps available, and the mix of careful investigation and outright panic it offers make it one of the most noteworthy entries to the genre to date.

Steam players seem to agree: The multiplayer game has just wrapped up a free weekend to celebrate leaving Early Access that saw its player count shoot upward by an enormous 5,955.6%.


Midnight Ghost Hunt discounted and trending: A graph showing Midnight Ghost Hunt trending.

While that free weekend provided a good opportunity to give Midnight Ghost Hunt a look without paying a cent, it’s also currently discounted by 66% on Steam, which brings its price down to just $6.79 USD / £5.26. You can grab a copy for yourself right here.

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